SIMCUT 24/35


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Simcut - Patent Simcut - Patent

You can choose how to cut
Controlled saw blade cut
Traditional orbital cut
Orbital cut with our patented system of recalibration of the tube (Orbicut Model)
A unique orbital cut (ORBICUT Model)
The patented orbital cutting system called ORBICUT allows to get a high-quality orbital cut
A contrast mandrel, in magnetic suspension inside the tube, allows to recalibrate the tube to the external diameter of the mandrel after the cut
Accuracy and speed
Feeding of the tube by means of a clamp with electric movement supported by ball screw to grant maximum speed and maximum repeatability of the process
Alternatively it's possible to have the feeding of the tube by means of motorized rollers
You have total control
In the model with saw blade cut it's possible to set the rpm of the saw and even the penetration speed. This allows to get a better cut and an extended life of the saw blade
From coil to the box
The machine manufactures tube from coil
Unloading with inclined plane and bulkhead. Length can be changed on request
And if you want even to end-form
Our tube cutting machines can be combined with our end-forming machines of MACH series to get straight and end-formed tubes
The factory of tomorrow
Our machines are ready for Industry 4.0 to simplify the monitoring of your factory and always have control over the activities

Product features

  • Tube cutting machine for tubes from coil
  • Maximum workable diameter from coil: 24 mm (model 24), 35 mm (model 35)
  • Feeding by means of a clamp supported by ball screw with electric advancement
  • Possible with: saw blade cut or traditional orbital cut or orbicut system
  • Electrically controlled saw blade cut
  • Cut-off orbital cut
  • Model ORBICUT for a ricalibration of the tube after the cut
  • Quick change of tools
  • Unloading with inclined plane and bulkhead. Length can be changed on request
  • Parameters settbale on touchscreen