UP TO 9 STATIONS Standalone - frontale 400.jpg

The strength you want
Thrust power up to 16 tons
Thrust and tube holding clamp are hydraulic
Agile and small-sized
Vertical tool holder carriage which makes the MACH be small-sized, ideal for robotic or manual working cells and for those with limited space
The tool holder carriage is moved by electric axis and guarantees high speed and maximum positioning accuracy
Up to 9 stations to have great flexibility and make even the most complex deformations possible
End-form as you want
End-formings: taper, ram form, mill, and roll the ends of the pipes, etc... 
Rotary milling tool
If you want even cutting and bending
The end-forming machines of MACH series can be combined with the tube benders of the LEVITATE or ORBIBEND series to get a tube bent, cut and end-formed in a single process
If you need only to cut the tube, the end-forming machines of the MACH series can be combined with the tube cutters of the SIMCUT series to get a straight tube cut and endformed just in a single process
The factory of tomorrow
Our machines are ready for the Industry 4.0 to simplify the monitoring of your factory and always have the control over the activities

Product features

  • Up to 9 stations with different configurations
  • Programmable sequence of tools
  • Thrust force: 16 tons
  • Thrust power: hydraulic
  • Hydraulic holding clamp
  • Vertical tool holder carriage: electric and controlled supported by ball screw
  • Quick change for tools
  • HMI on touchscreen