Tube bender Levitate135 Tube bender Levitate135 135 800b.jpg
Tube bender Levitate135 - Saw blade cut Tube bender Levitate135 - Saw blade cut 135 800.jpg

A tube bending machine unique in the world
Only the tube bender LEVITATE is able to BEND TUBES FROM COIL WITH MANDREL (Patend by Simat) 
Choose how to cut
LEVITATE 135 can be equipped with traditional orbital cut for the pre-cut of the tube
It can be equipped with a saw blade cut placed after the bending head.
It can be equipped with both the cutting systems on the same machine.
Fast and always the same
Towing by means of a clamp supported by ball screw:
the tube is always securely held granting maximum accuracy between the bending planes. The clamp avoids deformations and slippings of the tube due to the feeding of the tube by means of rollers. No more marks on the surface of the tubes due to encoders
Motors with absolute encoders:
There is no need for zeroing with zero sensors or limit switches. The machine is always ready from the moment it is switched on
Zero backlash gearboxes for robotics :
Maximum accuracy and repeatability in positioning
Bend as you want
Tube bender with Draw bending
Tube bender with Compression bending
Multi-radius tube bending in process
Right and Left tube bending in process 
Quickly change production
In tube bending machine Levitate the change of tools is done in few minutes thanks to quick change systems and solutions designed to make operations fast and easy, such for example the quick ghange system of the straightening rollers
You can also end-form
 The tube bending machine LEVITATE can be combined with a endforming machine of MACH series, so in addition to bending and cutting, you can also end-form, taper, ram form, mill, and roll the ends of the pipes
It is also possible to connect the tube benders and the endforming machines with a robot to end-form both the endings of the tubes
The factory of tomorrow
Tube bending machines ready for the Industry 4.0 to simplify the monitoring of your factory and always have control over the activities
Respect the environment
Latest generation motors with the reinstatement of the braking current into the network in order to limit consumption
Saving raw material you avoid wastes and eliminating the need for washing reduce the environmental impact.
Good first take!
Thanks to the GBS3D Simulator you can check the faseability of the product before starting the production. A 3D graphic interface shows the vistual generation of the piece, calculates the possible collisions and reports them. You save material and the pieces are suitable from the first

Product features

  • Maximum workable diameter with mandrel: 35 mm
  • Minimum workable diameter with mandrel: 13.5 mm
  • Possibility to bend with or without mandrel
  • Right and Left tube bending in process
  • Multi-radii bending in process
  • Traditional orbital cut
  • Saw blade cut system placed after the bending head
  • Electric axes and zero backslash gearboxes allow a constant repeteability over time
  • Programmable mandrel extraction in advance
  • Not motorized vertical and horizontal straightening rollers
  • Not motorized vertical and horizontal calibration rollers
  • Quick change systems for the tools
  • Possibility to integrate robots and other Simat's machines to have more versative and complete automations
  • SimUI HMI, quick and intuitive
  • GBS3D graphic simulator
  • Sectors: HVAC, automotive, aerospace, furniture